Spiritual Practices
Training the mind through focused awareness, presence and conscious breathing to cultivate inner peace, clarity and mystical states.
Chanting sacred syllables, words or phrases to manifest spiritual qualities and align with divine vibrations.
Communing with the Creator through devotional songs, invocations, expressions of gratitude and requests for blessing.
Using connected, circular belly breathing to release blocked energy, connect body and mind, and enter altered states.
Clearing, balancing and raising the vibration of subtle energy fields through hands-on and distant healing techniques.
Performing meaningful rituals, rites and offerings to mark transitions, express gratitude and invoke spiritual power.
Ecstatic Dance
Free-form movement to release inhibition, connect with the body's innate wisdom and enter a transcendent state of ecstasy.
Harnessing the healing and amplifying energies of sacred stones and minerals for alignment, balance, protection and manifestation.
Charging Food
Infusing meals with positive intention through prayer, blessings and invoking higher spiritual forces to nourish the body-mind-spirit.